Founded in 2016, Zoe ICT Solutions has developed into a mature, multi-faceted company offering sophisticated business solutions in East Africa.

Zoe ICT Solutions continues to be a leader in the market by focusing on brand alignment, client service and partner relationships. Zoe ICT Solutions’  investment in people, Intellectual property and best of breed brands is the key differential embedded in “Advancement through Technology”.

This ability to deliver measurable business value is what makes Zoe ICT Solutions offering more than simply a comprehensive suite of excellent software, hardware and network infrastructure products.

Zoe ICT Solutions is a professional Knowledge Managed Leader, providing reputable ICT Services in the Sub Saharan Region for now over 5 years. We have a proven record of successful Design and Implementation of Management Information Systems for Government Agencies, Commercial Enterprises and International Agencies.

Zoe ICT Solutions is well liquidated and fully equipped to undertake Website Development, Customer Management, Service and Repairs, Mobile Application Development, Graphics Dsigning, , ERP and Financial Management Systems, Software and Hardware Supplies and Maintenance and supplies of other  Equipment that relate to the said. Our team of professionals works at understanding your needs, the structural requirements of the project and proposing solutions that not only fit those requirements, but also are scalable and reliable in a manner that is up to modern industrial standard.


To be a leading ICT Company that enables individuals , businesses and organizations realize their full potential.


To deliver the best possible reliable software and business solutions to enable our clients improve IT efficiency and business profitability. We provide I.C.T. strategies and services, which deliver long term commercial benefits, based upon our clients key business requirements.



Our culture of teamwork allows us to combine the quality and expertise of our professional staff to deliver optimum solutions to our clients.


Our commitment to professional excellence ensures that our clients receive the highest quality service. We aspire to provide flawless execution and delivery of our products and services.

Servant Leadership

The spirit of exemplifying servant  leadership is instilled in everyone that works with us.


We embrace the highest standards of ethical behavior and transparency in every aspect of our business to yield a company that is trusted by its clients and stake holders.

Zoe ICT Solutions mostly partner with Infoclan Limited, Compconsult Technologies and Chief Computers Limited , which operate in Uganda and the whole of East Africa.

Who we are

We are a dynamic innovative and yet completely dependable company that provides reliable hardware , software and business solutions affordable to any one; to improve IT efficiency and business profitability

Our Services Include

  • Website Development and Hosting
  • Business Plans and Donor Proposal Writing
  • Computer Sales (New and Used)
  • Networks and Systems Security
  • Database Design, Implementation and Management/ Server Administration (Oracle, Mysql)
  • Company Profile Building
  • Information Systems Design and Implementation
  • Computer Graphics Design
  • Business process Re-/Engineering
  • IT policy development and Adoption
  • Data Management & Analysis
  • Computer Repair and Maintenance