Professional Manpower Recruitment

We identify and handpick the most talented and hardworking individuals suited for various jobs around the globe. we train and empower candidates without knowledge on how to conduct themselves on the workplaces and assist them in making their travel arrangements to their respective destination. we place those candidates who have successfully passed their interviews and job preliquisites into their respective positions with our various clients around the world.

Infrastructure Management

To achieve cost effeciences and value for money spent in todays environment, organisations need to be able to maximize the value of their ICT environment as well as deliver and maintain new Technology to complement the previous. To help your organization to achieve this balance, Zoe ICT Solutions is available to have this discussion with you.

Computer Hardware

Ensure you are up to date with tomorrow’s technology, from laptops, Desktops, computer accessories, servers. Our team is full of knowledge that allows us to identify all necessary requirements. You get transparency from start to finish. you will always know what is on offer and our ability to negotiate with all suitable manufacturers to find the best value solutions that are first class.

ERP and Financial Management

Practically, each company that operates in today’s changing market should be ready to adapt itself to new technologies, methods of running business, more effective ways of communication with the customers and even possible challenges and problems. Get in touch with our team to find out how we can help your organization in driving strategy and growth improving financial operations.

CRM Solutions

Manage your current and future customers with a comprehensive Customer Management relationship Solution. Develop Superior Customer service processes and increase sales. Make your business more efficient and productive while attractive and closing more leads. with Zoe ICT Solution’s managed IT and inbound marketing services.

Infor Sunsystems

Turn financial information into profitable action with infor Sunsystems. infor Sunsystems delivers integrated financial management, purchasing and inventory solutions, providing a real time view of all the relevant information to help drive the best decisions for you. we offer unmatched support and industry expertise to help organisations improve efficiency and drive profitability.


Software Solutions

Choose the reliable software provider that actively reduces downtime and saves money. we have provided companies across East Africa with professional, reliable IT support and managed services since 2008. we understand that IT should optimise your business, not slow it down. whatever you need, we will get it for you. besides being microsoft partners, we are experts in finding a software solution for you. our extensive experience means, you’ve got access to the best advise and tools. from servers to desktops, to system software. we got you covered.

Data Protection Solutions

Zoe ICT Solutions has sourced solutions that primarily focus on protecting unstructured electronic data access across multiple environments and systems. our data protection strategy has been designed to help companies , large and small , to protect one of their most valuable assets but at the same time to increase productivity and leverage the power of social media, unified communications and sharepoint.

Managed IT Services

We have all the data centre solutions your business needs, plus the technical expertise and support you wont find anywhere else. Zoe ICT Solution’s managed services provide many benefits, designed to free you from the necessary but time consuming chores of monitoring and managing your ICT infrastructure. our managed services include; Managed data centre services, managed security services, managed voice and data services, Managed network solution services, managed operation services, managed back up and disaster recovery services.


Business Intelligence

Great Lakes Solutions specializes in custom software development tailored to your specific business needs.  We partner with our customers to design solutions without compromise — it’s your software and it should fit your business model, not the other way around.

“I have all the data I need to run my business but I have to do a lot of work to find it.”

Sound familiar?  … It’s not enough to just have data. You need to be able to get to it … EASILY.

We have (and build) solutions that make your data readily and easily accessible giving you the power to manage your business with confidence

Business Consulting

Running your business presents both unique challenges and opportunities. Effectively meeting the challenges and taking advantage of the opportunities are key to increasing profitability.

We draw on our extensive experience to provide you with solution options, with consideration of the inherent benefits and associated risks. We then help you to manage a well-organized and timely implementation of the solution.

Custom software

A “one size fits all” solution rarely (if ever) comes without compromise and workarounds. We specialize in designing and delivering software to meet the demands of your business, offering:

·  Intuitive and easy-to-use web interfaces.

·  Integration with your existing software.

·  Configurable, re-usable features.

·  Business Intelligence that makes your data work for you

Networking and Data Communication

We network your office and provide computer networks maintenance services at affordable prices.